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Documentary Wedding Photography



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You can't fake a real smile.

Learn why documentary wedding photography is important:

With Shutter, there’s no need to strike a pose all the time. You can leave the posing to the statues. Just be yourselves, and our wedding photographer will be there to capture the real magic. Don’t worry about fake smiles all day; we’ll capture the genuine laughter and joy, and it will shine through.

There’s plenty of natural happiness to capture, so there’s no need for constant posing.

Guests can relax knowing they won’t be modelling all day, which can be exhausting. Plus, focusing on fake smiles leaves little room for genuine ones, resulting in a wedding that feels staged and insincere. 

Our approach rejects this. We offer true documentary wedding photography—authentic, timeless, and revolutionary. It breaks away from industry norms and will be the only thing that makes sense once everything is said and done.

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Documentary Wedding Photography


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Documentary Wedding Photography

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The documentary wedding photography style does not go unnoticed.

I found them online when Nicu reached out after I posted an add looking for a wedding photographer he was an absolute pleasure to deal with leading up to the wedding and a wonderful photographer on the day! Not only was his photos amazing he was very nice and easy going which suited us to a T! He also did an excellent wedding video for us couldn’t be happier with the end results all my guests complimented how great he was on the day and asked how I found him! I believe he’s focusing more on videotoghaphy now but if you’re looking for a sign this is it! Get in contact with him for sure! Pricing was absolutely great also with payment plans which are super easy to deal with ☺️ would recommend to anyone looking!

Sharlene A

You will not regret hiring Nicu! He filmed our whole wedding and not only is 100% professional, easy to have around and absolutely lovely, he is an ABSOLUTE PRO with videoing and editing. Couldn’t have had a better person on the day and the video we have received is beyond anything we ever imagined! 1000% RECOMMEND! What and incredible job - he did not miss one detail and now we have our amazing day on video for life - Thank you Nicu - you’ve given us a priceless gift!

Sophie K

Documentary Wedding Photography

Nicu who captured our wedding day did such a great job! Our family gathered around last night and watched the video together. WE LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!!! We woke up this morning and watched it again and again. Just WOW!!! We can't thank Nicu. Not only for your beautiful talents as a videographer and a photographer, but for your kind and cheerful heart you brought to the wedding. Thank you for capturing the best night of our lives. We are seriously speechless and forever grateful for your hard work. We are also so glad that you had so much fun. We will definitely hire you for EVERY family event now haha. Although he was not supposed to take photos at the preparation time prior to the ceremony, he took the initiative to do so anyway and it is very much appreciated. Again.. WOW! Keep blessing families with your wonderful work. 100000/10!!

Laisa F

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While we’re rooted in the sunny Nelson and the sun-kissed shores of Auckland, our passion knows no borders. We proudly capture weddings throughout New Zealand, wherever love takes us.

You’ll receive your photos approximately 4 weeks after your wedding day. We take the time to meticulously curate and edit each image to ensure that every moment is captured beautifully. Rest assured, we’ll make sure your photos are worth the wait!

Reach out to us through the contact form. Share your wedding details, including your date, location, and any specific inquiries you might have. We offer a free consultation to discuss your big day, answer your questions, and explore our availability. This is a chance to get to know each other and ensure we’re a perfect fit for your special day.

Once we’ve confirmed your date and package details, we’ll send you a formal agreement to lock in your booking. We can’t wait to be a part of your unforgettable wedding celebration!

Our wedding photography style is all about capturing the authentic moments that unfold naturally on your wedding day. We believe in the power of candid shots that tell the story of your love, laughter, and genuine emotions without the need for forced poses or staged scenes.

Yes, we offer wedding videography as well. It can all be done by the same person to save you money and capture the day in all its beauty, showing you it through film and still frames.

Documentary Wedding Photography

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Why pose all day when you can party? A wedding is a celebration, not just a modelling gig. You’ve been waiting for this day for so long… Enjoy it! Hire a documentary wedding photography specialist to capture the “aww shucks” moments, not “just” the forced smiles.

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